Bluetooth midi foot switch


Can anyone recommended a good bluetooth midi foot switch? I’m thinking about using that option to cycle through song states. I only need one switch


Hi Lee

I personally have no trust in bluetooth products. I have tried many, for many different things, and there will be a problem with them eventually. There are others who don’t trust USB either, but I am using it without incident since acquiring the correct cabling, so I guess it’s a toss up, eh? I would be more comfortable with a direct connection though. Hopefully someone can lead you to a decent product.




Once USB is connected and you don’t switch the port for the device its rock solid.

Bluetooth is a strange protocol that I don’t thing has been applied uniformly. For instance we tried bluetooth keyboards and mice. They all (every single one of them) would flake out for no apparent reason. Absolutely nothing else changed - no OS or app updates, hardware additions or even new BT units nearby (that we knew about). That’s something about BT devices - there are now tons of them all over - try pairing a new device while driving down the highway - from the passenger seat of course :grinning:.

We use Logitech 400 touchpad keyboards which can do 30ft for conference room AV setups. It uses 2.4Ghz.

I think the Behringer FCB1010 is your best bet.


I recently got the FCB1010 and installed the UNO chip. Wow! I set the lower row of switches to stompbox mode and use the upper row (and preset banks) for various ends. The two pedals are used for expression and/or Leslie on my two keyboards. The possibilities seem endless.

I agree with @Corky and wouldn’t trust Bluetooth for a reliable/stable connection.


Just recently acquired a Mugig Foot Pedal. It does Bluetooth but it may do WIFI too. Like I said, I just got it. The intent is to have it page flip an Android tablet attached to the side of the mic stand (too many songs for my aging mind to remember). I do recall a Karaoke Jockey asking the audience to turn their BTs off as it was interfering with the wireless mics. Don’t know if that was accurate but one thing is for sure, wired beats cableless for security every time. Let us know what you learn.


I agree, IMHO using BT is asking for trouble. It’s just not stable and you could definitely get interference or bad commands. There are a ton of usb pedals out there… I have an FCB1010 too and love it for guitar (I use Scuffham S-Gear exclusively… no more heavy amps!), but it’s got a pretty big footprint.

I recently got a Logidy UMI 3, which is just 3 buttons, high quality switches, all metal, and you can also plug an expression pedal into it. I really like it. You program it for the midi command you want, just like the 1010. If using just one command you can even program the other 2 switches as null, so if you accidentally hit the wrong switch, nothing happens. Or program all 3 to do the same thing. The only thing I don’t like is that on every laptop boot you have to open the file you saved with your settings/midi commands. Not really a big deal, it only takes about 10 secs. but it’s a little annoying, other ones I’ve used like the 1010 stored the settings internally.


Good discussion. I purchased the AudioFront Quattro a couple of years ago. I’ve recently been having some issues with changing song states (midi signal not going through), but discovered the problem was the foot switch I was using, not the Quattro unit. I changed my switch to an extra sustain pedal, and the setup works fine now. The Quattro has 4 midi inputs. Probably overkill for me, as I’ve only ever used one.


This thread prompted me to shop the FCB1010. The eBay sold listings show it goes almost every time between $80 and $120 but people are charging around $30 shipping - might as well buy new.

I thought it through and see a couple of drawbacks for my use of the FCB1010 - it has a big foot print and no USB, currently I’m running 100% USB MIDI.

So far the only things I’m planning on are:

  1. Next Song
  2. Next State
  3. Somehow scroll down notes (LivePrompter?)

Neil Durant made a very strong argument for the AudioFront Quattro to use with existing footswitches and expression pedals in this post: [What's your preferred method for changing states?]

twaw above in this thread likes the Logidy UMI 3 which I’ve looked at in the past.

My Roland XP80 has inputs for damper pedal, exp pedal and two more foot switches but I’m using the m-audio Axiom instead currently. I need to separate keyboard from foot controller.


Hi Doug

I have been using Line 6 FBV Express MkII 4-button Foot Controller for over a year. Got it at Guitar center for $80 (demo). It works great and has all I need for all my keys and guitar. Small footprint. I set it up for many things, but use it a lot to change next/previous state & song. I use lyrics on C3 notes, and advance with state change or advance notes by scrolling, all with pedal.



Hi Corky,

That footswitch/pedal looks like the right size and functions for me - thanks for pointing me to it.



I have an FCB1010. What’s the UNO chip? I did a quick search and couldn’t find info. Thanks!

[EDIT: Found it:]


I have a bunch of links. This one seemed to have the most info:

This one is good also:


I’ve been using the Logidy UM3 since the Forte days. I never had to open the control panel after a laptop boot. Sometimes I have to unplug it and plug it back in, but it always remembers the settings: NextState-Reset-PrevState. I haven’t needed the reset much with C3. Needed it a lot with Forte.


Hi Tim, the UNO chip is a replacement for the original chip in the FCB1010 that makes the pedalboard much more versatile. Most importantly (for my use), it lets you use the upper or lower row of buttons as stomp buttons (where the LEDs tun on and off in exactly the way you like) and/or use them as temporary pedals (such as for sustain or expression). Also, you can purchase a special software for €20 that allows you to program the FCB1010 on your pc (the chip itself costs €24). No need to press any buttons on the actual board. It’s a big improvement on the original chip and it’s very easy to install (just flip out the old chip and press in the new one). Hope this helps. Take a look at