Bluetooth and Cantabile

looks like the last time this topic was addressed on the forum was about 3 years ago. Has there been any progress toward integrating bluetooth devices into Cantabile?

Not sure exactly how you would want to implement BT in c3, but search on this forum for WIDI. For about the past 6 months I’ve been using it to connect my controllers such as a MIDI foot pedal and an EWI using Bluetooth MIDI. Works great.

There is not implicit bluetooth support in Cantabile. Wireless MIDI is detected by Windows, so if you install any kind of MIDI device (DIN, USB, LAN, wireless, etc.) with its driver, if needed, you’ll find that device in MIDI devices on Cantabile as well in any DAW.

I have two WIDImasters and one WIDI Bud Pro. The advent of the WIDIbud pro has brought a level of functionality to those using PC’s and PC based DAW or VSTi Players. The WIDI bud pro circumvents the need for things such as loopmidi and MIDIberry (which cause significant latency). The WIDI bud pro becomes a MIDI port to which you can route C3. If you have any WIDI Masters, iPads or, like me, a BLE capable Studiologic MIXFACE, then you can use these to communicate directly with your DAW or C3 with a very low latency.

I have been tweaking on BLE for PC for some time now, and a user in this forum hooked me up with CME and I was able to be sent the first rendition of the WIDI bud Pro. I communicated with CME that I am very impressed at how functional it is.

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I would also be interested to understand if and when Cantabile would support connecting any BLE midi device through the Bluetooth class compliant MIDI driver that comes with Windows 10.
Cantabile would need to integrate Microsoft’s latest UWP API to use the Bluetooth class compliant MIDI driver that comes with Windows 10. Most music software has not yet integrated this API for various reasons. As far as I know, Cubase 12, Cakewalk by Bandlab currently integrates this API, so it can directly connect to standard Bluetooth MIDI devices. Any update?

Not sure if this is even helpful for you but I use a BOSS FS-1-WL, via bluetooth into Cantabile using Midiberry and loopmidi - works a dream (with minimal latency tbh)