BlueLab plugins now FREE

Sad to see but it appears that Blue Lab has ceased development of their products and is offering everything for free while their website stays up. If memory serves they had some very good stuff, although it has been a while since I remember demoing any of it…


Thanx - downloading…

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The Impulse product looks interesting imo…it can generate and play IRs, looks like it has a slick workflow for generating (unlike Reaper and Voxengo), will test for quality of the IRs…

The Ghost-X looks very interesting. I’ve been stuck in Samplitude for spectral editing, will be interesting to see how this stacks up.

Shaper and Pitch products also look interesting since they claim to have a few twists.

Thx for the heads up.

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I’m liking their Pitch plugin. Here’s a test clip of a little bit of lounge lizzard piano using the 300 Compact Grand. The first one is the original, the next two use the BL Pitch plugin with transient recovery on 50% and max quality setting.

Unfortunately it is stepped sounding when midi modulating the pitch knob, so not much good as a whammy pedal. But pretty nice imo as a universal capo.


I am downloading the V6 versions now. Are those the free ones? Or are the other versions free for download as well? It says “V6 are experimental and will not work on every system” - anyone here running these plugins on Cantibile now or do you run the older versions?

I downloaded the all the BlueLab plugins, but have only installed the v6 on Win10x64.

I’ve tried a handful, and they work great!

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