Blue Cat Connector

I just saw this new product announcement.

Blue Cat’s Connector is an audio & MIDI streaming plug-in that can be used to transmit audio and MIDI signals in real time between several computers or applications, or create your own routings within a single application, with minimal latency.

BC Connector

It this the answer to using Cantabile into another local DAW or networking into another more powerful computer?


Hmmm, interesting!

Given the latencies involved due to the necessary buffering between applications, this would probably require a bit of clever fiddling for real-time recording (monitoring through Cantabile when recording MIDI data in your DAW, then rendering the Cantabile output to a DAW audio track in a second step), but this should be workable.

And I could simply build this plug into my master rack (which is already in every song) to be activated by a rack state - no changes to songs necessary…

Currently not a priority for me - I prefer using the individual plugins from my Cantabile live sets on separate tracks for mixing - but definitely good to know!



Interesting, but don’t forget that if your need is MIDI only, then RtPMIDI is out there and free.

@terrybritton - Hey Terry, I notice you grabbed this plugin. It seems to have a certain overlap with Voicemeeter, in that several apps within the same computer can share audio.
Have you been able to use this effectively (pun not intended) with Cantabile and other apps on your systems?

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I have used it very effectively in several settings. I love the “audio via network” latency (almost none!), and have routed audio output around to various tools and software using it. It works just wonderfully in OBS! Bringing in audio from synths running on other machines is where it really shines.

I really am using it in pretty simple applications at the moment. Voicemeeter is better for complex scenarios. But BlueCat Connector doesn’t have the “let’s go robotic” issues with audio coming from Cantabile that Voicemeeter has, and now that OBS has VST plugin capabilities I like using Connector to get Cantabile into OBS over Voicemeeter, and just route mics and other audio through Cantabile and mix it in there and out Connector when using OBS. More trouble-free, and no latency.

How are you liking it?


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Hi Terry,
I haven’t actually employed it yet - I wanted to get your take before jumping in. Something like this makes bringing a Cantabile song into a DAW a much neater proposition and, within the same computer, it’s good to see it sidesteps those Voicemeeter niggles that we live with. Voicemeeter is still a great problem solver on the PC, where we are denied the Core Audio type low latency solution that Mac users have been gifted. It glues OBS together.
I’ll be interested to see how the BlueCat software enhances the situation.
Thanks for your feedback!!

To continue, are you running separate audio busses from Cantabile through Connector into OBS? I ask because I record a V/O and insert your choice of vIdeo source here to keep dialogue clean.
Voicemeeter makes this very easy, and I quite like the little compressor on its inputs, and it sounds like your combo of Connector and Cantabile has taken over those duties.
Is Voicemeeter even needed?


Edit. I think I misread your post. When you said ‘over Voicemeeter’ I thought you meant you were still sending your signals through it. You meant ‘I prefer Connector to Voicemeeter’. DOH! :joy:
Well this just got way better.
So you most definitely would be using audio busses from Cantabile if you wanted discrete audio tracks in OBS. Right?

Yes, as you can send the outputs to individual instances of Connector (each named differently, too!)
I do like the sliders and button-based routing on Banana and Potato quite a lot, though. But with Cantabile, Bluecat Connector has definitely taken over in preference. But I can happily use either - the only issue with Voicemeeter is still the reliability factor on whether the windows audio and Cantabile will go out of sync and start going all robotic on me. Usually once I restart Cantabile a few times it locks in and remains stable, but Connector removes that worry entirely. One does need to fiddle with Connector’s buffer sizes though. Save the ones that work for you as presets.



Well, first outing not quite the roaring success I was hoping for. I’m getting better performance from Voicemeeter and LoopMIDI.
I will revisit in due course - the system is obviously being employed quite effectively by yourself and others, and I think my application is not dissimilar to yours.