Blue 3 Update ---------

Ray just posted an update to Blue 3 and Spin


In the notification email, Ray mentioned these changes:

  • Minor touchup to the rotary speaker simulation
  • Added native support for Apple Silicon processors
  • Added support for macOS 11.x Big Sur
  • Added a fix where a Windows update could unregister Blue3 & Spin
  • Fixed an issue where the pedal mode was not saved in Blue3
  • Removed 32-bit AAX plugin for Windows

Windows users

As mentioned, this update corrects and issue where some Windows updates might unregister Blue3 and Spin. Unfortunately, you’ll need to re-enter your license info one more time. As always, please copy and paste your name, email and license code EXACTLY as you have it in your original purchase email.

Also, this will be the last version of Blue3 and Spin that supports 32-bit Windows.

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Thanks for the update Torsten. I finally received my email this morning, so I stand corrected on my statement. I got the announcement from KVR 24hrs before the email.