Blank rack display after switching songs

I had saved some songs with a rack as the primary view. Occasionally, when I open these songs, the rack opens but does not show any contents. All the plugins work, but I have nothing to click on so as to edit the plugins. Closing the rack and reopening it still shows no contents.

Usually, loading another song, and then re-loading the first song, shows the rack contents after a couple of attempts.

Hi @dvella,

I’ve not seen this problem myself, but I tend not to use the primary view option much.

Some questions that might help narrow this down:

  1. When loading the song with the blank rack - do any of your plugins display progress load meters (thinking particularly about Kontakt)
  2. Are you using pre-loaded set lists
  3. How reproducible is this - often, rarely?
  4. Does this only happen when you’ve selected a primary view?
  5. When it happens what was on view in the previous song - was it the same rack by any chance?

Anyway, I’ve logged it here.