Blank melda GUI - it's back again - from a different cause - fixed

I discovered this issue, I think caused by something else entirely with the same result.
For reference:

This is an identical problem I have with Cantabile 4061. No issues with the any of the plugins
in other programs. I’m ,fairly certain it was the software for the
novation SL zero mk2 I recently installed which upset things as the install of this wanted a VB runtime update (which I forget what patch it was) and there’s no record of it in programs features list. I did briefly get melda plugs working again, I cant remember what I did (not much help).
Prior to this melda plugs work without issue since i installed them last year.
I’m lost. Normally i might can sort things out like this. this one has me beat.
Any thoughts?

It seems the answer was as simple as deleting the contents of the x:\TEMP directorys :roll_eyes: :laughing: