Black (Blank) GUI after 2nd time Opening Amplitube on 4059

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I’ve tested this with my setup and after upgrading to 4059 Amplitube no longer works correctly. It will open once correctly, but after that it is blank. I can fix by reverting to older versions including 4058

Version: 4059
200% scaling in windows
“Enable Plugin GUI Up-Scaling” is off
“HI-DPI User Interface” is “Enabled & Upscale Plugins”
“Enable GPU Accelerated Rendering (OpenGL)” ON.

Changing the last 2 settings makes no difference.
Changing Scaling will show some of the interface depending on what you select when opening the gui the second time.

I should also mention that all versions after 4059 don’t work either.

I found other issues in the older versions as well. They occasionally don’t refresh (update the screen) and need to be closed and re opened to make it work.

I think the whole thing may be a refresh issue.