Bindings4/invoke and bindings4/bindingPointInfo

Hi, can anyone help we with the network API?

I succeed in retreiving a list of the available binding points with bindings4/availableBindingPoints. I also succeed in changing, e.g. the master audio level with “bindableId”: “masterLevels” and bindingPointId": “outputAudioLevel”.


I do not achieve my goal of using “bindableId”: “indexedRack”, “bindingPointId”: “loadStateByIndex”.
I cannot figure out what to pass as json body to this binding point.

I wanted to get more info with api/bindings4/bindingPointInfo. But how do you use this one?

When I POST to http://localhost:35007/api/bindings4/bindingPointInfo the body

“bindableId”: “setList”,
“bindingPointId”: “loadSongByProgram”,
“source”: false,
“bindableParams”: {},
“bindingPointParams”: {}

then I get error 400 Invalid Request: can’t resolve ‘source’ parameter …

And: Do I understand correct that “binding4” relates to the new binding system, whereas “binding” to the old one? The difference is not explained.

Thank you, Martin