Bindings with buttons that alternate values

I’ve got a Novation controller that has a number of buttons that I’d like to use to increment songs in a set list and states within a song. I’ve set it up and it works fine 1/2 the time. The first time I hit the button it sets the CC value to 127, and it triggers the binding. The next time I hit the button it sets the CC value to 0 and the binding is not triggered.

Am I using the wrong type of controller value in C3? Or is there a work around? I’m thinking I may need to set it as a controller and the values to trigger on 0 and 127, but I’m hoping there is an easy way to make this work some other way…

My last question for this week… I promise (or I hope I can promise) :slight_smile:

@PatAzzMusic like Cantabile, the Novation has different types of buttons. Be sure they are set to Normal and are sending a 127 when pressed and nothing when released. From the Novation manual:

BtnType (Button Type): This setting is only available for buttons, drum pads and the sustain pedal. Where available, it can be found on the second page of control settings so scroll up to access it.

It should be set in conjunction with the Press and Release values for the control to determine how the button works.

The options are as follows:
NORMAL: The Press Value is sent when the button is pressed, nothing is sent on release.
MOMENTRY: The Press Value is sent when the button is pressed and the Release Value is sent when the button is released.
TOGGLE: The Press1 Value is sent when the button is first pressed, nothing is sent on release. The Press2 Value is sent on the next button press, nothing is sent on release. The Low and High Values will be sent alternately on further button presses. This setting is useful when you want to control a bi-state parameter such as Track Solo On/Off.
STEP: If this option is selected then an extra setting, StepVal (Step Value), will appear next to BtnType. With the ‘STEP’ option, the value sent each time the button is pressed will step from the From Value to the To Value in steps whose size are determined by the StepVal setting. When the To Val is reached the next button press will cause the From Val to be sent and the value will step up again on subsequent presses. Note that the To Value is always sent before returning to the From Value, even if it takes a jump less than the step size to reach the To Value. For example if a button had the settings From Value 0, To Value 16 and Step Value 5 then on alternate button presses the value sent would be 0, 5, 10, 15, 16, 0, 5…. If you want a button to step down instead of up then make the From Value larger than the To.


Updating my controller did the trick, and gave me some ideas for how to further streamline my setup and make things a whole lot better. After the gig tonight…

Thanks everyone -