Bindings triggered from media playback time setpoints

As a song plays from the media player, I’d like to be able to trigger patch changes at designated times in the song.

ie: verse = subtle patch
chorus = swell patch for effect
then back to verse, etc …

How do I do this? TIA



I am not aware of a way of doing this via bindings, but you could have a MIDI track playing back at the same time as any audio tracks which contain the required patch changes?

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Hmm …

Well thanks Derek. That sounds like more work than it’s worth, but that would be really handy.

Sigh …


Hi, Thom

It’s not that much work if you are creating backing audio tracks as well.

My workflow is as follows in Cubase 9 and then Cantabile. I have been doing this for years to make song/tempo synced DMX light cues in a MIDI track. I have also used it for sending program changes and/or “scene change” messages to external gear, so it works just fine and probably the only option you have to do something like this until Cantabile does get time triggered bindings.

In Cubase

  • Create your backing track using your DAW tools
  • In the same file create a MIDI track with all of the MIDI messages you need (I’d say that is 5 to 10 minutes work in Cubase and the MIDI controller lane)
  • Export your Audio from Cubase
  • Export your MIDI from Cubase

In your Cantabile Song

  • Add two Media players
  • Put your Audio file in one and your MIDI file in another
  • I then set the MIDI Media Player as Master (it could have tempo info in it), and the Audio Media Player as slave, so they both play in time.
  • Set your Audio and MIDI Routes

So, setting up a song in this manner is about 20 minutes work, if that, and you have the means of sending any MIDI data in perfect time with the backing track.


This is already high on my todo list and already well voted for here, but feel free to add your vote too!

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This is one that I’ve been asking for too, so I’m glad to know it’s on the list!

I think I voted for it as well :slight_smile:

I think it would be a good option for songs where the need for some time based triggers is simple, but I would probably stick with a MIDI file where there is a lot going on. The benefit of the latter is if you change your audio track the MIDI triggers are timed against, then, if you do it all in a DAW it all stays in time.

But having both options would be cool. :slight_smile:


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Before I go about trying Derek’s trick, I’m wondering if there has been update on this, that I might have missed. I really would like to turn my vocal harmonizer on and off automatically during the song rather than using the footswitch.

Thanks …

No progress as yet, but it’s probably the top of my list for next major feature (and I’m thinking of taking a break from OS X development for a while). No promises, but I’m looking forward to tackling this one.

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Hi folks,
I haven’t been following the forum very closely for a while, nor Cantabile for that matter. Busy with other projects. So I’m sorry if this is a dead horse.

Just wondering if this ever came to pass in the last couple of years. I’m back and need to get reacquainted with the latest stuff.

If anyone could tell me yes or no this is a thing now, and if so point me to some good references to using it.

I really would like the vocal harmonizer and chorus swells to be triggered automatically during backing tracks playback.

Thanks a lot.


Yes, and it works really well. The options are cleverly conceived, with crossing points, before position, after position, inside range… Genius, really!

References? Just try it and see how you get on with it. I use it to change States, open/close channels on my mixer and even to light up cue indicators on my iPad.