Bindings to Live Mode

Hey y’all-- apologies if I’ve missed it, but can you set a binding to trigger on Live Mode? I have a batch script written to kill all the unnecessary things running on my computer for performance mode (basically my cloud sync software so it’s not trying to copy file changes in the middle of a set, but a couple of other utilities as well), and I’d like to set a binding so that when I hit Live Mode the batch automatically runs. But I didn’t find Live Mode anywhere in the bindings menu…

I don’t know about the binding, but I’d love to see your little batch script! :slight_smile:


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Oh, it’s nothing fancy-- kill TightVNC client, kill OneDrive sync client, and then run two display commands setting the brightness to 50% and the rotation to 180 on my external monitor (have to install it upside down in the stage rig 'cause the ports are on the wrong side).

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