Bindings not firing on MIDI CC

So I’m starting to get into some fairly complex control schemes using the buttons on my MPK261. Hopefully one of you more experienced users can help me out here.

I have a _Controls rack that is using Bank B of the controls on my MPK261 to control up to 8 shared single plugin racks. When I press Button 1, _Controls loads state Rack 1 and the plugin in the first rack gets shown while all others are hidden. While in state Rack 1 the rotary encoder and fader info is sent to that rack only. It also manages the lights on all 8 buttons as they are set to Toggle mode in the MPK261. If the currently lit button is pressed again the _Controls rack goes back into Mix state, allowing the faders to control all the rack volumes.

What’s happening is the _Controls rack bindings to set the rack states on button presses are being triggered only sometimes, even though I can verify the MIDI CC info IS being received by the _Controls rack. Is it possible to have too many bindings so that they don’t always trigger?

I would consider that a feature if it would trigger my controller’s keypresses only sometimes - it would skip over the majority of my mistakes! I’d sound “Pro”! :crazy_face:

This does sound vaguely familiar for some reason but it hasn’t hit me yet why. I had something like this happening due to a USB3 port “log-jamming” MIDI events once, but that isn’t it, as it did finally release all the stored up events in a flurry of events all-at-once. Still, if you have a true USB2 port to plug into, try that.

Else-wise I do seem to recall an incident where my bindings were not triggering sometimes… where is a good hypnotist when you need one?


Maybe I should just leave it as is and hope that it skips my mistakes! Perhaps if I sound “Pro” I might actually make some good money doing this! LOL

The generic controls rack is actually working out quite well, despite the half the time not recognizing that I’m trying to open a rack… :expressionless:

I have exactly one USB port on my Surface Pro 4 and I’m pretty sure it’s a USB 2.0 port. If you think of anything else, I’m all ears.

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Upload the rack (those are allowed file types - no need to zip) - I have both an MPK249 and an MPK225 I can test with.

Using the MidiOut preset?


There’s no limit on the number of bindings. I’d probably need to be able to reproduce this here to figure out what’s goin on.

Do you have any delays set on any of your bindings?