Bindings: Next song in set list/previous song in set list bind to midi controller?

Noobie alert… Running Solo and tinkering with my live setup. Now as our first gig with the new hw/sw is approaching, I started to wonder how to make the set list to switch to next song/previous song with pressing a midi controller button.

I managed to make a binding work, but apparently it only is song-specific, e.g. the binding only works for one song and I’d have to repeat the bindings for all the songs individually. What am I doing wrong here?

So, I guess basically I’m after how to map “S” to one midi note and “Shift+S” to another midi note?

This is a great piece of software, runs really great and is surprisingly easy to use. Thank you! :slight_smile:

For anything to affect Cantabile as a whole you need to make your bindings in the Background Rack.

Thanks :slight_smile: I presume this is only available in the Full version, not in Solo? Or then once again I’m blind :open_mouth:

Also available in Solo. Go to Menu->View->Background Rack

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I’m officially blind. Thanks, works great! :100: