Bindings, MIDI Players and sync mode

My current set-up is meant to use a 3-butting Logidy footswitch to activate media players. Everything works as it should except when I have the media players sync mode set to Slave (Musical) which, of course, is the one I need as I am tapping the tempo the rest of the band is playing so that the MIDI player will sync to the tempo I set via switch. If have it set to Slave (Musical) triggering the binding via the footswitch no longer starts/stops the media player.

The other sync options do not seem to defeat the binding, but Slave (Musical) is the mode that I need.

Anyone have any thoughts?

Just to be certain it wasn’t a fault in my footswitch I tried setting the same binding up using a note on my main keyboard controller as well as another USB keyboard and got the same results.

As soon as I change the media player’s mode to Slave (Musical) it stops responding to the footswitch press/binding.

I think what’s happening here is that slave media players don’t directly respond to transport commands - they simply track along with the master transport. So to start the slave media player - you need to start the master transport (which sounds like for you it’s the metronome).

That was it. I didn’t even catch that Transport was a target option for the binding. It forced me to redo a few of the songs, splitting them into more songs so that there was only one media player per song otherwise when I triggered the master transport they all played at once.

I’m guessing there’s a less clunky way to set it up (song states possibly?) that would make for a less crowded playlist but for now I have it working the way I want it.

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@Allen-- I think you’re doing something I’m trying to accomplish as well: you’re triggering individual samples in real time, right? I’m trying to do this, but I think I got stuck the same place you did. If they’re in slave mode, they can’t be triggered individually. In essence, what I’m trying to do is be able to a) tap tempo, and then b) trigger the samples in the moment, as opposed to pre-sequenced. Can you tell me more about how you accomplished this?


Hi all— I’m really getting stimpede on this. I tried to follow the advice above, and I have my midi files loaded in media players, each set up to individual states of the song. I can play through each state, and the right midi file plays. If I switch them to slave mode (real-time), though, so that I can tap tempo, they no longer play. The play button disappears, and switching states no longer fires them. It sounds from the above like it is possible to trigger midi files and have them responsive to tap tempo, but I cannot figure out what I missing. Any help? Thanks!

Hey Jeff,

As Brad said when you slave a media player it is normal for the play button to disappear because the master has the only play button in a master slave media player configuration. In your case you should not use Master/Slave and keep all you media players set to Normal. Also keep using states to trigger your different midi files. The tempo control problem is related to the lack of a binding from the tempo to the ‘Speed’ control on the media player you are trying to control. An example of this binding looks like this :

repeat the binding for each media player you are using
this will get the tap tempo working


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Thanks, Dave— totally missed the point on the slave setup. Speed binding worked perfectly!