Bindings in linked rack

I’m just. getting started with bindings. Please excuse my ignorance.

I am using performer 4160. I think I have created a bunch if bindings in a linked rack. Specifically, I’m binding a Viscount Legend Solo keyboard and a Roland FC-300 to B-3X. Mostly things are working well. But if these bindings are in a linked rack, shouldn’t they be the same in all instances of the same rack? That is not currently the case.

I currently have 3 songs with the same rack. They mostly have the same stuff, but it seems like when I add bindings in one instance they don’t propogate to the others. I tried restarting Cantabile but it made no difference.

Hi Ray,

We need a bit more detail I think to help. In particular the part about bindings not propagating to others. ( by others do you mean songs?) If it is related to your saving state behaviors with songs which I posted to you about then that might have something to do with it.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the quick response. I don’t think this has anything to do with state behaviors from my other posting today. Let me try to explain what I am expecting and maybe you can tell me it doesn’t work the way I’m expectong. Or what I am doing wrong.

I am expecting the bindings in a linked rack to be the same for any song where I use that linked rack. Let’s say I have my B-3X rack in 2 different songs. My bindings are all working for quite a bit of stuff - drawbars. leslie speed, expression, etc. All those bindings appear in both instances of my B-3X linked rack.

Tonight I wanted to add some additional bindings. For example, I’m in song A. My controller has a knob for reverb level. I was successful in adding that to the instance of the linked B-3X rack in song A. My expectation is that the new reverb binding would now appear in the same linked B-3X rack in song B. But it is not.

Is that clear or do you need more info? I’m away from my laptop right now. I can provide some screen grabs tomorrow if it would help.

Come to think of it, I don’t actually understand how I got most of the bindings into both songs. Possibly because I built the second song after I had some of the bindings working in the first song?

Thanks for your interest. I really appreciate it.


I figured this out. I actually had 3 instances b-3x in 3 songs. I discovered that two of them worked as expected. Add a new binding to one instance and the new binding magically appears in the other instance. However, not true in the 3rd instance. Upon closer examination, when I edit the binding in 1 or 2, the upper left of the edit popup tells me the binding in in b-3x. But doing the same thing in the 3rd instance, upper left tells me the binding is in “new song”. I deleted all those bindings. To get the b-3x bindings to reappear, I had to delete the linked rack in that song and add it back in.

I wish I had a clue as to how I managed to get to this state, but at least I can move on now.

Dave - thanks again for the support.