Bindings bug in 35xx builds?

Another one for @brad:

I’ve got a song set up with a piano + a Hammond layer. The Hammond layer is supposed to be silent initially, with the mod wheel and expression pedal fading it in when needed.

For this, I have my bindings set up like this:

the last blue binding sends CC7=0 to the Hammond rack and thus mutes its output.

This works perfectly in 3285, but in 3526, I get the Hammond blaring out at full volume when loading the song (changing the binding to “SongState–>OnLoad” doesn’t fix this either). Looks like something is different in the firing of bindings here?



Hi @Torsten,

I’ve tried to reproduce this here but it seems to be working fine here. I’m wondering if there something about the way the binding is saved that’s messing this up. Can you email me the file?


you-ve got mail :e-mail:

Ha! Problem solved in 3529 - thanx @brad!