Bindings across two computers

So I’m having a bit of a troubleshooting issue. Until recently I’ve had relatively simple patches, so I rebuilt them all manually on my backup computer. But I’m about to start rehearsing for a much more experimental show, with much more complex patches I’ll be editing and tweaking patches many times - I REALLY don’t want to have to rebuild patches with dozens of bindings every time I make some tweaks, so I’m trying to get my two computers and instances of Cantabile set up so that I can backup my main rig’s files, move them to the backup, and literally just pick up where I left off.

The rub is that, try as I might, the bindings made on either computer aren’t recognized on the other. I’ve tried making and renaming my inputs and outputs - I’ve literally opened the cantabileRack file, copied the name of the input, sent it to the other computer, pasted it into the name of an Input…and still it says “InputPortProvider.InputPort.midiSource.MIDIMix” with the checkmark and a caution sign, instead of “Input Port - MIDIMix.”

Here’s a screenshot of a file that works fine on the computer it was made on, but has messed up bindings on this computer.

Hi scheater5,

I think your problem is in Tools>Options>MIDI Ports. It’s acting like either the name is not exactly matched or the enable check box is not checked before the port name. A screen shot of that Options box might aid the track down.


Thanks, I think I found the issue. The names are case sensitive and your names differ slightly on the 2 different computers. The first picture you posted showed the missing port name to be “MIDIMix”

and the second picture of the machine that isn’t working has the port named as “MIDImix” .

needs to be ‘Mix’ and not ‘mix’




You are my hero. I seriously thought I had checked that already, but lo and behold, it works!!!

That being said, in the meantime, I’ve figured a way to minimize the damage should this happen again in the future. Instead of piping each binding I want straight from the Rack bindings to the MIDIMix, I’m piping them to the Rack Midi Out - pipe the Rack Midi Out to another Rack setup as a “patchbay,” (which I can pipe each subsequent Rack to) and pipe the “patchbay” rack out to the MIDImix. That way, I only have one setting to change per song (instead of multiple per-rack per-song).

Seems like this would be good practice to make it easier to change/add to my midi setup in the future.

But man! You just saved my butt. Muchos gracias, domo arigato gozaimasu.

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