Binding Weirdness


I programmed a show on my desktop. I have one song state that has a binding in it to create a harp gliss (thanks @dave_dore for showing me how to do that!)!


As you can see in the MIDI monitor, it sends 2 notes to the rack, separated by 5ms and it works beautifully!

However, I copied the set list and the racks over to my laptop which I’m going to use for the show and when I press the key for the trigger, this happens…


As you can see, for some reason, there are 2 of each note being sent to the rack and the gliss doesn’t work…

Anyone think of a reason for this?



Ok, I can’t work out how to attach pictures!

Suffice it to say, the first one showed the MIDI monitor for a rack with two notes in it.

The second showed the MIDI monitor with 4…

Ok, I worked it out.

It was my master keyboard sending 2 zones worth of notes down the same MIDI output…