Binding volume instead of gain

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Hi there, I’ve just use Cantabile for a month and I am very impressed with the product. I’ve used it on several occasions live but am struggling with adjusting the volume of my patches using the faders. Currently, my faders are binded to the gain. Since its binded to the gain, moving them sliders usually causes the gain to jump up and down in large increments. Is there a way for me to bind volume instead of gain? What I want to achieve is that when I put the fader to zero, it will trigger volume zero instead of gain - infinite, and when I switch the fader all the way up, it will trigger max volume. Hope my question made some sense as I am struggling with my English. Thank you so much!

Hi Donald and Welcome!

I think what you are asking about is the value mapping of the slider to the Cantabile virtual slider. Below is an example value mapping where the slider will turn the Cantabile slider from oo to 0db. The default is full scale so I think that might be the fix. I hope I understood the question but let us know if not, we can help figure it out.


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Thanks Dave! Ive tried it a while ago and it has somehow improved my playing. I also found out that the faders in M-Audio Code 61 (This is my midi keys) actually tends to skip and does not gradually increase/decrease values smoothly.

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