Binding to Translate MIDI Note Channel/Number but Preserve Velocity

Struggling to do what I think should be straightforward …

I’d like to translate incoming MIDI Note On messages from one port to another, changing the channel and note number, but preserving the velocity. I’ve got this:

… which sets the velocity on the outgoing Note On message to the note number, not the velocity …

Is there a way to access the Velocity of the incoming MIDI message?

Hi @Clint,

Hrm, unfortunately at the moment, the value passed through the binding is the note number - which granted is not very useful in this situation but does make sense when you choose to map any note.

I’ll need to look at this a bit closer - it might need special handling for note off/velocity 0 too.



Thanks heavens. I thought I was missing something obvious …

How about using a route for that? Changing channel and transposing would be easy with route settings:

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I have had a few occasions when I wished the note and velocity data could be separated for comparison uses. For instance I have a note that plays normally at say 64 velocity but when I increase the velocity above that I can trigger other events like allowing another layer to sound or any number of other things.

There’s likely another way to do this but I haven’t seen one. If so let me know.

Anyone think it might have merit?


In this situation, I am using Cantabile to translate a single MIDI message into multiple MIDI messages to perform a sequence of actions in Ableton. The sequence needs delays between some of the actions, so I think I need to used bindings to do that …