Binding to CPU usage

@brad just wondering if you could please add a binding to the CPU usage? This would allow the CPU usage to be displayed on external MIDI hardware :slight_smile:

A related idea for the future as well: add CPU usage to the StreamDeck plugin (although other CPU plugins for StreamDeck already exist).

Thanks for all your great work, and all the best for 2024!

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You can already do this. I don’t remember how I did it specifically, but I found the steps in the Cantabile StreamDeck guide. If I have a chance later, I will look at the profile and see what I did.

  • Paul
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The following Cantabile variables report this stuff:

$(Load) - Cantabile audio engine time load
$(ProcessCpuLoad) - Cantabile’s CPU load
$(SystemCpuLoad) - System CPU Load

Also there’s $(MemoryPageFaults), $(MemoryUsage), $(MemoryWorkingSet), $(RunningRackCount) and $(LoadedRackCount)

You can display these in StreamDeck with the StringExpression button

Cool! Thanks :slight_smile: