Binding that activates only when a State is selected

Is there a way to trigger a binding when a certain song state is selected?

The [Song States] => [Selected State Program] is not working for me, since it takes two different actions depending on whether the State is True or False. I just want the binding to trigger when the state is True.

In my situation, I have 3 States in a song, and want to send 3 different CC messages - one for each of the States …

Hi Clint,

If I understand the issue I think that I would go with a Song States “On Load” Source for State specific triggering. Your target could be a lot of things. Bear in mind you would have to have the state behaviors for the binding set so that the “Enabled” box is checked. Then you just enable the binding you want on each State

Then you just enable the binding you want on each state and disable the others for that state. Repeat for each state and you have your solution.


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Why not have a single State ->OnLoad binding and set the State Behavior of “Target” to On.Now the same binding can send different values depending on state.

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Sure, that would be a more elegant solution for sure!

A Triple Plus! Worked like a charm.

I did go with the less elegant but more explicit approach, and grouped each of my bindings in the three different groups that correspond to the three states …

Thanks to both of you!