Binding suspend/resume rack with Expression pedal (Solved)

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Hi everyone !
I would like to be able to suspend a rack when my expression pedal reach its lower value (0) and resume it with any value above 0 from the same pedal (CC11)…But I cant’find the logic to program it with the bindings parameters …
Any help would be appreciated ,guys !

Thanks in advance !

Do you have to suspend it, or could you just set it’s output volume to zero for cc11=0 and to 127 for cc11>0?
I think for this option you can generate bindings and midi-filters.

You can also disable/enable the midi routings for this rack in the same way.

Greetings, Tom

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Yes , il really would like to suspend it (to save RAM and processor time) , but disable enable the midi routing would also work , but How can I do it with my expression pedal ?.. I can’t find a way to do it properly :blush:

Never mind ! Eureka ! It’s in midi route , under condition : only route when CC11 is greater or equal to 1 :grinning:


I don’t think suspending it will save RAM - I believe it will remain loaded in memory (but not occupying processor time), unless the plugin its actually unloaded (where that indicator turns grey).


I’m looking for a similar solution . I would like the volume to go to 0, when the expression pedal, CC11 goes to zero. I like Tom’s response (@Siggin0er), but I haven’t figured out how to implement it. Any suggestions?

This filter might accomplish everything you need:

MIDI Filters - Controller Map


Yes, I have tried various mappings but haven’t been able to only have volume CC7 go to 0 when CC11 goes to 0 - and have it return to a normal volume otherwise. Thanks!

Hi David,

I’m not certain but from your description I think you probably are using an E organ plugin. Those plugins sometimes have gain window settings of their own. If that is the case you need to set the plugin so it will go to zero. Organ swell pedals traditionally don’t go to zero but comp level when pulled all the way back. I hope this is it but if you can say what plugin you are using I can help check it out.



Hi All,

I came up with a rack and a strategy for @HAIKINE_Alexandre OP. When he first inquired I wouldn’t have thought this latest solution up so better late than never.

The strategy is to pass the C11 pedal through the rack. The rack will make a CC edge switch when going up from zero and a different numbered one for down to zero transition. The switches can then be used to enable and disable the rack you choose to save CPU or any other switchable tasks you might want to do. Like Neil said above the plugin is still in memory. The rack simply produces the edge switches needed to enable and disable the object chosen in a reliable way. Using the toggle switch choice on the rack or plugin enable/disable binding got turned around when I attempted to use it for this so that is why I use 2 bindings. Anyway the video shows the set up and it in action. Watch the enable light change on the plugin when the slider is pushed up and pulled back.

If this rack would help out let me know and I’ll post it in shared area.



Hi Dave,
Yes, I’m using B3 VSTs (VB3-II and B-3X). As is typical, the expression pedal does not reduce volume to zero. However, I use a separate volume pedal for layering in other sounds (horns, etc.). There are times when I only want the secondary sound and no organ sounding at all. So I thought I should be able to configure C3 so that when the expression (CC-11) goes to zero I could configure the volume of the organ to also go to zero. I was playing around with using the ‘MIDI Bypass’ setting, which worked, but was not ‘real-time’ enough. It felt like there was a noticeable delay when enabling/disabling the Bypass.

Another consideration: even if I was able to reduce the CC7 volume to zero when CC11 goes to zero, how would C3 be able to know the original CC7 setting in order to return to it when the CC11 goes back above zero? Which makes me think the Bypass is a better solution if I can get it to respond instantly.
Cheers - David

Hi David,

From your post here are some thoughts I can offer. On the VB3-II it does go to zero on my systems when given CC 11 value 0 and goes silent. It appears to me it does not have the built in characteristic I referred to in the previous post. I was thinking of AS B5 & B-3X as examples of that behavior so sorry for any confusion there. On B-3X it is definitely wired that way and the Master Volume is you best bet to get it your gain issue corrected. The trick as you point out is to have the organ plugin Master volume only cut to zero at the very bottom of the travel on the pedal and have the working Leslie and other volumes operating as normal for the 1 to 127 value part of the pedal travel. That lets the modules’ swell pedal sim to act correctly with the amp sim and all the rest of the signal chain. So, on the VB3 II if it does turn to zero for you I don’t know why it’s not happening except that maybe you have an offset knob on the expression pedal (M-Audio style) which will mess stuff up (I know from experience lol). On the B-3X you could use a binding like this in addition to the normal CC 11 that feeds the swell in the plugin that cuts the master volume to zero only when you pull back to zero and puts it back at 0db when it is above zero value. here is an example of the binding I am speaking of.

Let me know if it works for you on the B-3X. I’m still vexed on the VB3-II.