Binding Settings Seemingly Not Being Saved for Song States

I’m trying to load simple program changes as I step through different Song States using the ‘bindings’ feature. I must be missing a key step.

I’ve attached 4 pictures to help explain. The first two show the “desired” state. First pic - There are 3 bindings in State 1 that should select the Program Change on the plugin, all turned on. Second Pic - In State 2, I’ve turned off the first 3 Program changes for State 1 and turned on the next 3 Program changes for State 2. But that does not get saved. When I return to State 1, all is fine, the State 2 bindings are dark/off, State 1 is on as desired. But when I return to State 2 again, the second Program Change in State 1 “slow strings” is still active (Pic 3) even though I set it as inactive in Pic 2. If I click it off while in State 2 (to fix it), when I return to State 1, it remains off (Pic 4) instead of on.

Hi @Shoesmith

Not sure off hand. Can you email me a copy of the song so I can look into it?