Binding: Selected Preset to note with value?

I’m trying to get the lights on my APC Mini (which respond to midi notes and the value determines the light color) to reflect the status of a plugin - so that, for instance, if it is on one preset one button it lit up, and on a second preset then a /different/ button would be lit up. I’ve considered some workarounds:
a single button to toggle between presets, and then have the single button be a different color to represent different presets (I only need to differentiate between two)

But what I don’t want is:
two different buttons to select each individual preset, and then the state reflected by a single button’s light

Also, if I use the Selected Preset Index then there’s no way to alter those values - like add +1 to them, or map “0~1” preset to “1~2” value, so that I could pick which colors the buttons were for the two presets.

And I seem to be struggling with this. I’ve poked around with the various Selected Preset bindings and don’t seem to be finding the right option

Further info:
the way the APC Mini works is that each buttons sends a certain midi note, and that button’s lights respond to the same midi note. So if a button sends C0, then sending back C0, velocity 0 will turn the light off, C0 velocity 1 will turn the light a certain color - C0, velocity 2 will turn the light a different color if it has any more, etc.

Hi Scheater5,

If you have the newer version 4 you could try using a few bindings like below to see if it would work. I’m not sure if the APC mini needs a note off message with the note on messages but you could make another binding that mirrored the second one to do the note offs if needed.


Well…that looks like exactly what I need. But I’m stuck on 3 for the time being. I figured there was a possibility it was something that brad figured out since I last updated my subscription - …honestly I really should have assumed that. brad thinks of everything. I need the features of Performer and plan on re-upping my subscription soon.