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Hi! I use the same setup for playing synth at my church every week, with Cantabile as my “everything” to make it happen. Since Cantabile doesn’t allow me to hold a VST sound while switching to another song, I use two songs (“Opening Set” and “Worship Set”). Each song has racks/states that are actually the songs. This allows me to switch to the next song without any sound breaks, other than the one break between the two sets (which are actually songs). Every week I switch out the racks (songs), change the tempo and time signature for each state and I have to also change the state names so that I can use a call to my PDF program to bring up the lyrics/chords, which cover up Cantabile, but lets my computer double as a music viewer. Here’s what my Cantabile screen looks like every week:

And with a song rack open:

I may have figured out how to automate the tempo for each rack, based on the rack (song) name using this binding (it seems to work, but I haven’t tested it in a playing session):

I’d like to be able to change the time signature using a similar binding to change the time signature for each rack. I know it can be done for a song, but it needs to be tied to a rack name in my case.

It would save me a bit of time if in executing an external script if I could use $RackName, like what is available within a rack, so that I could bring up my PDF without having to change the state name (then I would just keep the state names simple and the same, like “001, 002, etc.”. Here is what I’m using now, but within the binding within the 2 songs themselves:

If that were possible, I could use a command like this: “$(MyDocuments)\PDFs$(RackName).pdf” with the condition being that the rack is in run mode, similar to the metronome binding.

The very best option that would throw away everything I’m asking would be to have an option to pre-load the next song in a setlist, allowing me to go from song to song without any sound break. Then the tempo, time signature, etc, etc, would all be tied to the song without me having to do any extra work.

I hope that all makes sense! Cantabile keeps getting better and better. TIA

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Hi Synchrony,

about the time signature, I have an older version of Cantabile than yours but I guess you can do it the same way:


Unfortunately, the Tempo trick I was trying to do isn’t working consistently. I haven’t figured out why. There isn’t a numerator/denominator binding for metronome time signatures within a rack, so it wouldn’t have been an option. It seems to only be tied to songs.

@Brad I guess my feature request should really be: The ability to hold down notes within a song (VST instruments), switch to the next song within a playlist without losing the sound from the previous song, and have the next song sounds ready to go once I lift my fingers and start playing again. (GP does this, but I don’t want to switch and don’t plan to, although I bought it only because of that feature.) Working with states/racks working as songs within a song file works fine, but I’m looking forward to the day that Cantabile implements this request, or a version of it. Thanks!

Yep, I’d love to add this, but it’s technically difficult primarily due to Cantabile’s support for linked racks. If the same linked rack is used in two consecutive songs it gets complicated figuring out which notes should be held. eg: what happens if the first song has a route with a transpose, or some other MIDI filter and the second doesn’t, or a different set of MIDI transforms.

It’s certainly solvable and I will tackle it at some point… it’s just never hit the top of the priority list.

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Gotcha. Thanks for keeping it in mind. If a rack state could change the tempo/time signature with a binding within the rack, that would be helpful, but my system is working fine as-is. Just takes a bit of time to change manually every week. Thanks much for everything!