Binding "MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller"


Hi guys,

For years I’ve been using a MIDI Solutions Footswitch Controller as a sustain pedal on MIDI channel 1 (the right hand of the accordion). I always put it between the accordion and the input to the MOTU MIDI ExpressXT. It would then sustain channel 1 on every hardware module in my rack.

I can’t make Cantabile recognize it in the bindings page. Even clicking Learn does nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction to make this work with C3? I’ve watched the video and done lots of experimenting. No joy.

Even though I’ve been using all this MIDI gear for a long time it seems obvious that the guts of MIDI have eluded me and now that I’m having to program it at the software level it makes me wish I’d learned this stuff a long time ago.
Sorry if this is old discussion.




If you create a MIDI route from the MIDI source you expect the footswitch MIDI data to come in on it, and set the MIDI Monitor to show activity on that route, do you see the footswitch data you expect?



Failing Neil’s suggestion you could also take a peek at a lower level - in Options -> Diagnostics turn on Console Logger and Log MIDI In Events. A second window will appear, let us know if anything shows up in it when you press the pedal.


Thanks guys. I’ll check that stuff out when I set it up again. Been on the go for two days. I’ll investigate over the weekend. Thanks.