Binding in VST Plugins

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I an trialing the Solo version and am having a difficult time with bindings. I want to do a basic setup with say 3 VST instruments and map 3 knobs on my keyboard to the “volume” of each instrument. I’m used to the DAW setup where you right click a control, select midi learn and turn the knob on the keyboard. After a couple hours with Cantabile, I’m still having issues with this. The manual indicates that you shoudl be able to right click a control but this isn’t working for me. I must be doing something wrong, here is my process:

  1. Insert VST Plugin (say massive x)
  2. Insert VST Plugin (say SampleTank4)
  3. Insert VST Plugin (say Addictive Keys)

Doule click on one of the plug ins to bring up the details. I have tried right clicking on the master gain (upper right corner of the plug in window) but nothing happens. Sometimes I can right click a control in this plug in window but most of the time nothing happens as I right click them.

I can go into the Cantabile bindings window, mainly select a knob on my keyboard, manaully select a plugin, manually pick a plugin paramter like master gain. This works but is really tedious. So what I am doing wrong?

-Andrew V. Romero

Welcome to the forum avromeo!!

Cantabile does the same. There is a volume meter to the right of the plugin (in table view). Right click on the slider, and you will be prompted to create binding, select, then move your controller(knob).

Hope that helps


Thanks, I knew I had to be missing something. It is interesting that you can do this in table view easily but you can’t do it from the default routing window. It would be great if you could do it in both places. Onto my next issue :).