Binding from song toward background rack plugins

Hi all
Is it possible to change the parameter of a plug-in that is in the background rack from a binding of a song. More concretely, I want to change some parameter of a vocal reverb (so, in the background rack) when I enter in a song. So I add a binding-son-OnLoad but there is no target for the Background rack. Is there definitely impossible ? Or may I lost something ?

Hi Pierre,

You got the first part right with the song on load binding. To make changes to the Background rack it also needs a binding to receive the song on load bindings message. To make it work you can use the Onscreen Keyboard as a mediator so for example you could have this binding in the song to send the CC#92 value of 127 value to the onscreen keyboard port

and in the Background rack you create a binding to receive the value from the Onscreen Keyboard port.

as shown the value is passed to the reverb plugin that is loaded in the Background Rack.

I hope this helps .:slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot Dave !
I will use this trick.
It is just a bit strange to pass by a virtual keyboard for that… I hope a dedicated binding will be created in the future!

Actually there is already a dedicated method, you can use a loopback port for this.

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Thanks for pointing that out Torsten, I should have shown that way!

To do this, use an existing MIDI port or create a new MIDI port for sending MIDI to the BG rack, It doesn’t have to have any port assignments checked, it’s an internal thing. Also make sure the tools>options>miscellaneous>advanced loopback ports are checked.

Then you set the target of the bindings in the song to the new port’s loopback port you named and in the BG rack the source for the binding would be the new port itself (no loopback). You can use loopback with existing ports too if you want.

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