Binding for receiving MIDI Message From Another Program

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What binding would I use to receive a MIDI CC Message from another program to start a song in Cantabile. Cantabile as slave. Message is coming in on LoopMIDI Port 1. I tried: Input Port-LoopMIDI-Channel 1-Controller (no edge button) 1- Media Player 1 (or transport)-_Play. I’m not sure if the message is getting thru to Cantabile and if this is the right way for Cantabile to receive. It would be nice if I could be sure one of them is right.

Sometimes LoopMIDI seems to stall for me. Try another Loop I think it’s LoopBE that I switched to.

LoopMIDI drove me bonkers yesterday. I was running Cubase into Cantabile and it had been working perfectly. Ended up reinstalling, no good.
What kicked into life? I actually played back from Cubase something already recorded and that kicked the MIDI Thru on for live input!
Frustrating bug, and not sure how I would have got around the issue if there was no playback at the source.