Binding for individual MIDI volumes for Halion Sonic 3 Multi not working

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I have a rack with a single instance of HALion Sonic 3 (HS3). There are mutiple sounds loaded in slots, broken down with percussion on MIDI Ch. 10, E.Bass on MIDI Channel 2, and others on MIDI Channel 1. I have 3 MIDI inputs defined, one for each channel so as to set key ranges, start/stop for percussion loop, etc. The 3 MIDI inputs all route to the same instance of HS3 (Halion Sonic 1 - MIDI in)

What I would like to do, but cannot figure out, is how to set a controller binding to MIDI volume on each of those channels. Or, more broadly, I would like to set 3 knobs on my NanoKey Studio to control the levels of instruments on channels 1, 2, 10.

I did do a “learn binding”… twisted knob #1 on my NanoKey Studio (comes out as controller 20), targeted it to <Halion Sonic 1 - MIDI in>, channel 10, Action is controller 7, which is MIDI volume. But, the volume of that channel does not adjust as I turn that knob.

Is there a way to set 3 knobs individually bound to separate MIDI channels’ volumes?

If you bind CC7 it will apply volume to all sounds in Halion.

What I do is to use midi learn in the plugin. You have CC20; do a midi learn in Halion on volume of the preset listening to channel 1; CC21 on the one on channel 2 etc. I don’t use Cantabile bindings for that. Works for me in Kontakt but Halion has a similar midi learn function.

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