Binding Control Options

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I want to try some changes to my basic C3 SOLO SetList setup, but need some help understanding an aspect of Bindings.

I use three keyboards, two are controlled by C3. I have setup routing and bindings that use the bottom octave on my Axiom 61 key board white keys to change to one of several organ VST’s on the Axiom (e.g. VB3 presets, Sampletank 4). I also use the black keys in that lower octave to change VST instruments on my iRig37 key board (e.g. tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet).

Although it all works, it’s a bit cumbersome. Ideally when I change to a different VST on Axiom, I would prefer that the key note requesting the new VST also mutes the previous VST. Same for the iRig37. Currently I have the Binding Controller Action set to “Resume/Suspend” and the Value set to “Toggle”, so to switch VST’s I have to press the note key once to shut-off the current VST, and then press the new note key to turn on the desired VST.

I cannot find in the User docs (or the Forum) an explanation of the various choices available on the Control Action drop-down menu. I have tried using Solo Exclusive, but currently all instruments are in the same rack, so it works for the one keyboard, but shuts off the sound in the second keyboard. I also see other options on the drop-down menu like Solo, Solo Control, etc. and way down is a set of numbers with the selected VST instrument showing next to a number, e.g. 9: Solo - Tenor Sax. Is there a guide somewhere to these various options?

Is there a different Control Action menu choice I should use? or Do I need to have a separate rack for the VST’s for each keyboard?

If screen prints would be helpful, I can send.

Appreciate any guidance or a solution.

Hi @cfcboc

The options available in the Control Action drop down depend on the binding target and the binding source. So to accurately explain these I’d need to see a screen shot of the entire binding.

The best way to handle switching between sounds like this is with states - but for that you’ll need Performer.

You should be able to get something working but it probably will be cumbersome. Also I recommend switching MIDI routes in preference to starting/stopping plugins. You’ll get a much better transition between the plugin sounds.


Brad… Thanks for the advice.

Not familiar with what you mean by “switching MIDI routes”, but I will look thru the documentation and get up to speed.

As this is particular need is mainly for ad hoc live playing, where I want to access one of a number of VST loaded instruments, I can’t script it in advance, but based on the tune I’m playing, I’d like to be able to change sounds easily on each of the two keyboards (I keep the Kurz 88 for pianos), so looking for the easiest way to stage several instruments, and quickly select one while playing a tune. Strictly amateur playing, so I continue to play around with the many capabilities of Cantabile as a hobby.

Next step was to try keeping the VST instruments for each keyboard on a separate rack if the Solo Exclusive option or one of the other options can influence only the keyboard defined in that rack.

All I mean by this is instead of turning plugins on and off, turn the MIDI routes that feed them on/off.