Binding Conditions and Normal / Inverted Routes

I have a rotary encoder that produces CC values in the range 60 to 71.
I would like to enable one of twelve routes depending on the value.
I’ve named the bindings [C3], [C#3], … through … [B3]
Strategy is to Disable all 12 routes (12 bindings, which don’t care about the value of the CC), and then to
Enable the one binding that matches the CC value I want.

Here are my bindings:

The first binding is one of the 12 that Disable the bindings.
Then I would like to Enable one selected binding … However …

When I enter a condition (= 60 in this case) on the second binding shown above, the Value field changes from Enabled to Normal. The choices become Normal and Inverted.

Is there documentation on how Normal and Inverted work? I cannot locate it …

In any case, Normal almost seems to do what I want (turn on the binding) but if I turn on the same binding twice or more times, the binding becomes and stays Disabled. Sigh.

Any suggestions on how to enable a binding based on a condition would be welcome!

(BTW, the end cases where the rotary encoder goes off the end and back into range are the situations that cause a repeated CC value).

(and BTW, I’m doing all this because the 12 routes have substantially different filters for the 12 different keys … they are controlling a drone that has different characteristics depending on what pitch is selected.)

Hi Clint,

This is simply a true/false evaluation so Normal means that when it’s true the output is “ON” or 127 or Enabled and Inverted does the opposite with the same true state. So on any of your bindings that use conditions like “=” they will be ON when the value is achieved and OFF when it is any other value. So you shouldn’t need a binding to turn off a route it happens automatically when it’s binding state isn’t True.

I would lay out your bindings like the example below. This all assumes I understood your explanation so I wish for the best. :slight_smile:


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Beautiful explanation @dave_dore!!

Had to deal with this Bug first, but I was able to confirm that this has less calories fewer bindings and tastes better works beautifully!

I am still wondering if this is documented anyplace? Maybe I should start a little Wiki? (I’m new to the Wiki thing on Discourse, but I’m guessing if I start a thread and make it a Wiki, it shows up some place that might be useful as documentation??) … or maybe this discussion is sufficient documentation … since a search for “Normal” and “Inverted” would locate this post.