Binding can choose specific song in Set List using ITs program number, not incoming Program Number

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I am setting up Bindings in the Background Rack to select the appropriate song in the set list based on the incoming Program Change message.

However, some of the keyboard programs I have could use the same Cantabile Song where the instruments and settings are identical. I have some programs that use specific internal instruments, but use exactly the same external instruments. At the moment it looks like I will have to have a song in the Set List to correspond to the appropriate Program number on my keyboard. I know I can copy and paste these songs, but that seems a bit inefficient to me.

What I would like to do is have a Binding that can load a specific song based on the song’s Program Number (in the set list), but NOT (necessarily) the same as the incoming Program number. So I could set up as many Bindings as I require in the Background Rack and each binding could select a specific song, from the current set list, based on the song’s Program Number and NOT the incoming Program Number.

For example I could have generic songs set up for Piano, Piano and Strings, Brass etc and any pre-set combination of sounds. Each of the songs in the Cantabile Set List might be appropriate for any number of songs in the band’s set list.

So if my keyboard Program is number 56 I could have a Binding that would respond to this (56) but would load the song in the Set List with Program Number 1, for example (or whatever the appropriate program number required was).

This would mean the order of the Set List (and each song’s Program Number) doesn’t have to matter or even match my keyboard programs. I could have only 10 Songs required in the Cantabile Set List, but 100s of Programs in my keyboard that require both internal and external sounds. I don’t want to have to manually select anything on the PC.

Could this feature be added? A new Load Specific Song option that would allow me to set a Program Number for the required song and not just mirror the incoming Program Number? Obviously you could still have the existing Load Specific Song option that loads the song based on the same incoming number where appropriate.

Or if there is an alternative way to achieve this can anyone let me know?

I hope that all makes sense!!

Thank you!

Hey Brian,

Have you tried this approach? ( see below) If I understood you this should do it and is already there.


Hi, dave_dore

Actually, that does work. However, the song selection appears to be based on its position in the set list. So if I add a new song and re-order the set list the song #number may no longer be the same. Maybe that’s not how it is supposed to work, I don’t know.

If I add a song with Program Number 127 it will show in the selection list at the numbered position it occupies in the Set List. So if it was song 4 in the list it will appear as #4 in the selection and not #127.

I could add all my songs and never change the order, but I do like some kind of order to the list whether alphabetical or by program number.

For the moment I’ll keep the Set List exactly as I add each song, but being able to select the songs by THEIR program number would avoid this.

Thanks for your reply though. It is always appreciated!

It has just occurred to me that the Load Song By Program Number option would work IF you could set the number to load.

At the moment there are no options available for Load Song By Program Number, just a dash. You could keep that behaviour (use the incoming program number), but allow the user to override it and select their own number.

Could that work?

Ok, on closer inspection I think perhaps the Load Specific Song isn’t working as intended.

When you set Load Specific Song the options list for it is headed, “Choose Song Program Number”, but the list is actually numbered as per the Set List and NOT by Program Number.

In my test Set List I have 4 songs setup. The first 3 are as per their position and set to Program Numbers 1, 2, 3. This is how I started and of course thought everything was working exactly as it appeared it should and how I wanted.

But I added a song that uses Program Number 127. In the Set List it shows the song correctly as “127: New Song” but in the Load Specific Song List it shows as #4.

@brad Is this how Load Specific Song is supposed to work or is this a minor bug?

Sounds like a bug, but can’t test right now… I’ve logged it and will check it out later.

Hi, Brad. Have you had any time to check this out? I’m anxious to keep building my set lists, but can’t as it stands. It would be good to know if it’s something I’m doing wrong so I can move forward. Cheers!

Hi @brianvic

Just wanted to follow up on this - it should be fixed in the latest builds as described here.


Hi, @brad

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Life’s been a bit crazy for me the past couple of weeks and I’ve not been online much.

I have yet to download the latest version of Cantabile, but I did download the first version you put up and that worked exactly as I hoped!

I set up a handful of songs the way I wanted and I’ve gigged with it last weekend. It worked a treat, allowing me to share my songs across many different patches.

Now things are returning to normal here I’ll get more done and tested with the latest build and report back to you.

Again, sorry for the delay responding and thanks for your time and effort.


Hi @brianvic

No problems - let me know how it goes.