Binding Bug - issue with binding to deactivated rack MIDI port

Not sure if anyone else has run into this (build 3204):

  • I have a binding from my EXP pedal (CC11) which sends CC7 to one of my racks. State behavior for this binding is all off (no need to change it)
  • In the 4th of 5 states, this rack is disabled, enabled in 5th state
  • When I reach state 5, the binding doesn’t work anymore
  • disabling and re-enabling the binding fixes this

Now, to fix this, I set state behavior for this binding to "on " for Enabled and Target, then disabled the binding for state 4, enabled it for state 5. But now, once I get to state 5 and then move the expression pedal, Cantabile crashes! :scream:

@brad: error reports sent - hope they help identifying what’s wrong here…



Hi Torsten,

I’ve made a fix for the crash, still looking into why it stops working when switching across disabled rack…


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