Binding a tap tempo for delay

I have a song where I need a timed delay and we won’t be on a click, so I want to tap it in real time via footswitch. I want to use Soundtoys Echoboy but those plugs have a weird issue of not having a lot of MIDI / automation support and I can’t seem to find the Tap parameter for a binding. Anyone have any ideas, or should I just use something else… I don’t have a lot of alternative delays installed on that laptop.

(I tried it with a delay in Guitar Rig and it worked fine- but Guitar Rig sounds like ass.)

Actually, now that I think of it, what would be REALLY sweet would be to use the note events themselves to set the tap- playing itself would set it. Has anyone ever done that?

Flip the MIDI switch to ON under the tempo display on Echoboy


and use a binding like this to set the Cantabile metronome tempo which passes to Echoboy.

to use notes you could use



Ah! Great thought! Let me try it…