Binding a note (on) to send CC07-128?

I am running Can3 Build 3272 (yes I know! 2017 but I gig with it every week and scared to update)

I have one controller kbd routed to a Piano and want to kick in a strings layer on another sound source when I hit D3 (50) so it comes in full vol. Something like the following pseudo code:

Source: midi input 1 – note(on) – 50
Target: midi output 2 – Controller 7 – val 128

If I have to update to a newer build, what would the earliest build # that might accomplish this bind, and what would the compatibility issues be if any?

Many thanks!

~ vonnor

If you want to have a route that filters everything but note 50 and then converts it to the CC 7, e.g.


You can’t have a single key in the key range, for some reason. You’ll need to send the notes on a different route.

Or, you could consider a binding, which would be better/easier, but I do not have the C3 installed any longer, so I can’t show what it would look like, sorry. Strongly suggest the binding way, though.

A “Multiple button controllers” instead of “Single…” will allow using a single note for on/off of a CC


As to upgrading to Cantabile 4, I’ve never had a compatibility problem upgrading. My system, though, is very simple compared to some of the stuff I’ve read on this forum. I’d suggest using Macrium Reflect (or something else) to backup your system then give v4.150 a try. When upgrading to C4, C3 still remains active. I just loaded C3 (had to change a license?), but it worked and loaded the set list. I do remember running both simultaneously when upgrading. @Brad might confirm upgrading to C4 will still keep C3 active if you need it.

Hey thanks for the fast replies!

Looking at your screenshots I don’t think I have the same build (version) that you are showing. The UI I have looks somewhat different.

I currently have Build 3272 (Cantabile 3) from way back in 2017.

May I ask what build you guys are on?

~ vonnor


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Yeah that’s the current version. Guess I’ll have to upgrade from 3 to 4 to do what I need to do.

I do have a Win11 staging environment with a controller and a few VSTs I can mess with so I don’t funk-up the live rig.

Thanks east.

~ vonnor

Hi vonnor,

Here is an example of what I’d do if I was on 3272. Of course you would want to set your own source and target. By MIDI output 2 I assumed you meant MIDI ch 2.

Hope this helps,


Dave, your idea worked perfectly!

Seems I didn’t have enough column width under “Action” to see the area for picking the CC number. I moved “Value” over some and there it was. Tested the binding and it worked exactly how I envisioned!

Thank you for the detailed screen shot.
I did upgrade to C4 back in September but haven’t had the time to sit with it.

~ vonnor


Just to confirm…

v3 and v4 can be installed side by side but usually you can only run one at a time if you’re using the same audio/midi devices.

Also, when you first install v4 on a machine with v3 it will copy your settings over to v4, but then they’re separate and changes made in v3 won’t affect v4.