Bind Question 2 - is there a way to block (filter out) the default value of controller

I’m doing Blue 3 for my first binding set. I’m just about on par using Cantabile bindings as I was reprogramming the Axiom 61 and then using the plugin’s learn function. One problem I’m running into is I have labeled the knobs on the Axiom and chosen certain knobs for Drive, Volume, Keyclick, Reverb and V/C. This way the two knobs on the left are Drive and Volume which is easy to remember and access in the dark.

The issue I’m having is the Axiom’s default value for the knob I assigned to Drive is cc21 which is also the default for Blue 3’s first drawbar. So when I adjust the drive the first drawbar moves. I was hoping to leave both the controller and the plugin at defaults and do all controller programming using Cantabile bindings. Maybe in this case I have to adjust Blue 3 away from it’s defaults?

I would. Put Blue3 in a rack with bindings just for the Axiom. Easier than changing Axiom when using Blue3.

Makes sense - cc21can’t be on both Blue 3 controls.

Update - I only had to change the first upper drawbar to 10 and I’m done with this rack.

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:grin: Cantabile comes to the rescue again :wink: