Bind preset to tempo?

I’m using Cantabile’s preset function to set Stylus RMX. I’m not using, nor do I particularly wish to use, a media player.
Cantabile is the tempo master.
The objective is that when a preset is called, it instructs Cantabile to set tempo to the required speed.
The.binding seems a little cryptic and I see no tempo target.
Any thoughts?

Hi Ade,

The site was down here yesterday or I would have posted this. I tried this solution and it worked here. The first binding selects the plugin preset and the second determines the Tempo setting based on the preset number input. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


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Love ya man :sunglasses:
Because of site being down I went down the media player route. One tiny MIDI file and just copy that with whatever tempo.
Then got a binding to select the required midi file depending on the stylus preset.
Works - but not as good as what you’ve come up with by the looks of things!!
Will try it ASAP.
As ever …. THANKS DD!

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Works great, @dave_dore !
Just needs to add a -1 to the condition to make the Cantabile Preset list match, as it runs from 1 and the condition runs from 0.
Anyway, what’s great is that the binding list can be left active because only ‘if true’ does it operate.

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