Bind a button to input gain within a rack?

I have a global out rack which takes all my VST output from each song. This rack EQs the audio and then sends it to the Main Speakers.

My audio interface also has 2 analogue Line INs. I connect the audio output from the keyboard into these Line Ins.

I would like to be able to bind a button on my control surface to Enable/Disable the route.
I would also like to be able to bind a rotary encoder to the Input Gain.

I can enable/disable the route manually, and control the slider manually, but when I right click and say create binding, nothing happens.

How can I best achieve this?


Should I do it in the background rack?

I think first you should check your MIDI Input ports (control Surface)
…if there is a Problem with your Midi Connection

normaly it should work

Ah, let me explain better.

If I right click on the rack input gain (green arrow in the screenshot) and “create binding”, then a popup appears and I can bind successfully.

When I right click on the route enabled, or the route gain (red arrows) and click “create binding” then no popup appears, and so I can’t bind.

ok …i think this Option is not available …you only can bind Input or Output gain of the Rack

but maybe you can built one Rack for each in/out

some Racks in one Rack if there is no other way

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Juergen, thanks - that worked fine. I have created 2 embedded racks, one for the VSTs, and one for the Analogue Line In. I can bind buttons to the “Enabled/Suspended” setting on each rack, and my rotary control to the rack gain.

The routing within each rack simply sends the rack input straight to the rack output.

Problem solved.

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See this article for creating bindings to routes…

There’s a trick to it - you first need to give the route a name before it’ll show up in the bindings panel (or work with right click Create Binding - I need to fix that).


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