Bill Bruford's Yard Sale Oct 14


This is bit depressing as this brings his retirement from drumming to the fore. It’s fun to look at all the items though!


Be awesome if he’d autograph some of that stuff… he won’t of course :smiley: It might be fun to buy a piece or 2 just because. A stand, or something cheap. That Korg foot switch. I’d love to say I owned Bill’s rototoms but they’ll be expensive.


Though he doesn’t perform, he’s not totally out of music. Has his PhD now and is into the academic end of music now.


We’ve known for at least 10,15 years now that the chances of seeing Bill actually perform again are slim to none…


It is sad.

I’ve just finished reading Phil Collins’ autobiography “Not Dead yet”, and in it, amongst many other things, he talks about the physical toll that 50 years of drumming took out of him, problems with his spine, the fact that for one gig, he had to tape a drum stick to his hands as he couldn’t hold it…

Makes me glad to play a less physical instrument.


I have a signed copy of his book “When In Doubt, Roll!” from a drum clinic he gave in the 90’s. It was a great clinic, he made sure everyone learned something instead of just showing off his playing.


Would’ve loved being at that event.


I saw one of those clinics! Was excellent. I gave him a copy of an Earthworks DVD to sign. He grumbled about it (apparently he wanted to sign books he was selling at the event) but he did it :smiley:


I have always been fascinated by Bill s drumming sound & techniques, especially with YES and KING CRIMSON !

Never have been Lucky enough to see him playing Live, though…


There’s a very interesting video on youtube of Bill, at Graham’s talking about his kits, music,etc.