Big Slider Problem....Need Help

Built 3587

I have got a 14-bit value stored in 2 Rack sliders …but everytime i change a rackstate Cantabile is sending the new State Gain on the previous Channel.

(Better to see the Problem —only one Rack is sending the Coarse Value)

So all target values are wrong…

is this normal or a BUG ???

Each state in this Rack should send a Slidervalue …channel based on the State-Number …so I think it is a bug because cantabile should first internal update the values and then sending the update paket.

This is not happening everytime (but in 1 of ~10 cases) if the gain Values are comming from Internal Rack bindings over Rack-MIDI-Port but this workflow not so clear than a direct solution.


Now it works but after new setting the bindings and routes…
but i dont know what happens.

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