Bi-Di version of simple MCU mixer Rack, and MDP Layout

Bi-Di mixer and ‘Mickie’ MDP Layout

Here are the latest versions of my ‘Mickie’ MCU control surface and my MCU-compatible ‘simple’ mixer Rack (the mixer Rack I use for myself includes multiple outputs and FX sends - and lots of other Cantabile-related goodies, but it seemed to confuse everyone!).

The mixer will work out of the box by simply routing your iPad’s MIDI to the mixer Rack - and routing the mixer Rack’s MIDI back to the iPad (or any other MCU device you want to keep in step). You don’t have to use the MDP Layout - any MCU control surface should work with the mixer Rack.

The ‘Control Surface’ portion of the Layout will need bindings to be created, if you want to take advantage of that. Otherwise just ignore it.

Bi-Di currently only allows me to set faders as Bi-Di, not the note switches that handle stuff such as mute and solo, but it’s a step forward.

Please let me know if you use it - I will keep improving and uploading as long as I know I’m not the only person using this!

Some pictures to illustrate:
The mixer:

The Control Surface:

The Cantabile mixer Rack:

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I’ve added level meters to the mixer, so…
Mixer Simple MCU Bi-Di.cantabileRack (410.1 KB)
The zip file contains both my mixer rack and my ‘Mickie’ MIDI Designer MCU-compatible control surface.

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If you’ve downloaded before this post, please download again - I fixed a bug in ‘Mickie’!