Better setlist system !?

Hi guys,
I like to discuss some idea with you.
In my case I would find it very handy that the setlist holds the next features:

  • tempo
  • transpose
  • extra notes

Now this all is on song level, but it’s not a good idea, because you need to create several song versions if you use the same song in different bands, but with other tempo or tuning,…

Adding this (override?) function to the setlist would solve it all.
It would also be handy to have the extra notes visible,f.e. to remind you the song has different version or singer does some weird stuff :wink:
Maybe the setlist song title can show that there are override settings.

What is your opinion on this?

Hey Sven,

I had the same idea with LivePrompter - and I actually implemented it. Not so much tempo, but rather transpose and some display settings (hide chords, show chords…). In the end, I didn’t use it as much as I expected.

Both with Cantabile and LivePrompter songs, I’ve now firmly separated my projects and have one song folder for each band; whenever I bring a song over from one to the other, I make a copy. My experience has been that song files will evolve over time, and the changes I make to fit the style or arrangement of one band will not necessarily fit the other.

So I wouldn’t really use this feature, but it could make sense e.g. for bands that regularly play with different singers, so creating a setlist for a gig with a specific singer would allow to keep the song files as they are and simply add transpose in the setlist. This does work with LivePrompter - and could be valuable in Cantabile as well - although using global transpose as a crutch is usually frowned upon by keyboardists (gotta be able to play all keys :wink: ) . I generally transpose the chords in LivePrompter and then play in the new key without adjusting Cantabile - keeps me agile…

But I admit; I’ve been guilty of using global transpose occasionnally for quick on-the-fly experiments in crazy keys at rehearsals… :blush:



Thx for your input Torsten !
I’m still very interested in LP and was tweaking with it lately :slight_smile:

I now have for different songs, like 2 or 3 versions of it, and when I’m editing or finetuning (and it never stops :wink: ) I need to edit 3 songs.
This for some songs that are played in several bands.
Very confusing and risky business (soundwise :wink: )

So it really would be useful (to me at least) but I can imagine there are more people playing covers in different bands?

SINNER !!! :joy::rofl: