Best way to realize a Drummap?

What is the best way to map a drumkit to another instrument…
I would build some racks for some drumkits .
To map the Note is no problem but
i don’t know how the mapped Value is the same like the source value?

The Idea was to have a Map like Cubase…
so i thought i could do it with Bindings in a Rack
Because there i can give each Binding a Name like “Bassdrum” “Snare” …for better overview.
but the problem is i don’t know if it is posible to set the same target value than the source value
for the volume…

Hey Juergen,

Have you tried this? … NoteMapper It alters only the midi note and passes the velocity untouched.



Thank you Dave! …this is a perfekt Tool for me :relaxed:

…now it’s easyer to check out and test some other Drumkits and Drums
before i compile the new Drumkit as a Multisample to my Pa4x



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