Best Way To Change Sounds (plugs) Per Song Section

I use backing tracks and frequently change sounds/plugs for different sections. I originally thought I could define song sections and have states change automatically based on the section. I mentioned to Brad and he added it as a possible future enhancement.

I’ve only had Cantabile for a month so still learning. Seems like the Controller Bar or Ticker Bar could help here. I should mention I play guitar with Fishman MIDI controller and don’t have (at this point) a MIDI control surface or pedal.

Any thoughts on an easy way to accomplish this either hands free or as easily as possible with the computer keyboard?



Footswitch to step through song states?


I would assign one note that you never play (your highest fret, for instance) as a trigger to switch to the next song state.

If used as a trigger, it will not sound as a note, conveniently. That is, if you are only outputting MIDI from that guitar, anyway.


Thanks Neil & Terry.

I’m trying to go with out having to get any foot switches. Not a huge deal though. Actually, I’m really hoping Brad adds the song position trigger (or similar type of auto change) at some point but until then need to do something.

Terry, the note trigger would work but only sometimes since I use electric and acoustic guitar sounds as well as MIDI sounds.

I’ve been looking at the Controller Bar and Ticker Bar as the next thing to learn in Cantabile and maybe use as an interim solution until I find something better.

You can directly use a hotkey on your computer keyboard, but you then only have the option to “Next Song State (delayed)”, which is a pity :wink:
Right now, if you want to change Song States instantly via pc keyboard, you have to use the capturing of onscreen keyboard. Then you can define a key like Terry mentioned to change instantly to the next song state. This is ho i do it right now, but i would REALLY prefer to have an option for hotkeys to change instantly to the next state :wink: