Best VST sax EVER!

I just got the SWAM Saxophones package and I’m completely blown away. I got a TEC breath and bite controller for Christmas and I’ve been saving for the saxes since. I just can’t believe how incredibly realistic and immensely playable the instrument is. It’s insane!

Sorry for the rant, I’m just super geeked out right now and had to share!

I have been using Swam for several years now, and always have been impressed. Glad you like them too.


@papwalker, yup that’s the one!

I know this is an old thread but I’ve been thinking of buying SWAM Saxophones for live use and have a question.

Is it polyphonic, will I be able to play intervals?

Nope - it’s monophonic; and that’s the beauty of it when playing fast trills. Keep one note anchored and tap the other one…

If you want to play polyphonic intervals, you’ll need to use multiple instances of the plugin and route your individual notes to them. Cantabile has a filter to do this (Voice Allocator), but there are also other options, like using PizMidi’s MidiPolyphony to distribute the MIDI notes, or Unify to wrap multiple instances of a plugin into a polyphonic instrument).



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Thanks for clarifying that.
And thanks for the lightning fast response too!

I’ve been looking at using a Lenovo Thinkpad T460S i7 2.6GHz laptop and am wondering if it will have the capacity to run 2 instances without getting glitchy. Don’t want that on stage.

The Audio Modeling web site says
“at least a 1.6 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU for running a single plugin instance”.
As I understand it the Core i7 processor has 4 cores so I’m thinking 2 cores for each instance all running at well above 1.6 GHz should be OK.

Have I thought this through properly?
Do you think the T460S ThinkPad will handle it?

The dual core recommendation is so that the OS will use one and the other will be allocated the instance of SWAM Sax.
The SWAM instruments aren’t super-heavy. Two instances should run ok on that machine. Cantabile should bind each to a different core.

Thank you Neil.