Best Synths for Shared Racks

Does anyone have any experience running UVI Falcon in a shared rack? I like to save settings per song, and NI Massive has given me nothing but problems. I can’t resort to the Programs drop down because it isn’t supported, and occasionally when I save a song with a new Massive setup it applies the setup to other songs using the same shared rack. This has caused a good bit of embarrassment, and I’m ready to look at a new synth.

I would say either Omnisphere for all things ambient/bloopy/paddy and aggressive distort-o synth and/or u-He if you have a system fast enough to survive their stuff. Although going by the other thread, for a shared rack maybe Omnisphere is exactly what you DON’T want.

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That is EXACTLY what I’m thinking. I don’t mind dropping some cash on a good synth if it will sound amazing AND clear up my shared rack issue, but more of the same isn’t worth $500.

I really like the idea that Omnisphere can load multiple sounds in one instance. This would clear up the whole needing multiple versions of the same shared rack issue I have with Massive.

Edit: How long does it take Omnisphere to change patches if you aren’t loading large samples like Keyscape?

It depends… for most sounds for me it’s generally under 30 seconds, usually well under. A lot of the sounds are holdovers from Atmosphere and they’re all but instantaneous.

30 seconds would be pretty rough between songs in a live set. I wouldn’t be using much info the way of large samples, mostly straight synthesis. However, songs like Rebel Yell have multiple synths that would need to be loaded.

30 seconds on the high end. Most of them are just 1 or 2. Actually, I say 30 but that’s just because they feel slow when you’re waiting- the reality is probably more like 10. Like I said, most go fast but, it’s a ROMpler at the end of the day so you never know how complex a patch may be. Obviously with a pure synth like one of the u-He you’ll never have that problem, but your CPU usage may go out of control. I will say that the load times for Omnisphere synth sounds are never in the world that Keyscape is; I’ve had those take 40-50. That’s on a studio pc without an SSD though. SSD is going to make a world of difference as well.

Not trying to sell you on the Spectrasonics stuff but I may have overstated the problem slightly :smiley:

Omisphere usually loads patches in about 5secs or less on my SSD based NUC. Great all round choice and for an analog VA monster then UH-E DIVA is the dog’s wotsits! But it is as demanding as they say, so you need a good system to run it. I really like XILS-LABS polyKobol as well. Try out then demos of both.