Best saxophone vst?

Suggestions for a good saxophone VST? - something that would sound good enough for a solo I just purchased Kontakt 5 and haven’t had time to explore much of the contents. So there may be something there.

Linplug’s SaxLab has received much high praise.

On sale during Christmas!


Sound really good Terry, thanks for the tip

This probably won’t cut it for a solo lead, but I’ve always thought that for a free lightweight plugin DVS Sax is remarkably expressive. 32-bit only though.

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Samplemodelling’s Mr T Sax is pretty good. Pretty good expression controls. I’ve only dabbled with it, but was quite impressed.

I second Terry about SaxLab. I use it, and am very happy with it.

There is a fantastic sax sound on the old Roland GR22 guitar synth…not sure if that is available as a plugin from Roland or not

Purchased SaxLab. Love it. Very suitable for solos.

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Awesome! Now you’ve amplified my temptation to buy it!
(Upon doing so I would own everything from Linplug except Morphox!!!) :smile:


After experimenting with some of the settings in SaxLab2 (which I have only scratched the surface of), I’ve created a rack which combines SaxLab2 “Baritone Soft KB” preset, with the DVS Saxophone plugin. Plugin Gain for SaxLab set at 0, DVS at -10. Really like this combination and plan to use it tonight for a sax solo in Auld Lange Syne.

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Happy new year! How did it go?

Happy New Year back at yah Neil! The sax solo sounded good. The band was almost upstaged by a DJ who was strategically located just off the bar at the opposite end of the building. But the crowd rallied back to us in the 3rd set and there was some serious (and inebriated) dancing going on much to the delight of all

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I use Sample Modeling Saxes with a breath controller…FANTASTIC. My primary controller is a Fishman Triple Play (guitar) and even when I was using pedals to control expression and vibrato it sounded great. With a kbd most guys use the expression and mod wheel if you don’t want to bother with the breath controller.


Hi, I am a beginner saxophone player at this stage, but I don’t know which the best way to take the best brand and best models…anyone can suggest me that which model or brand will be best for me…if I have any wrong apology me…

Hi Joshef. This site is mainly dedicated to Canatibile users, which is used to play VST (virtual) instruments and effects. This particular thread was about using a VST saxophone. But, we all help each other on many things, so, since I am a sax player, I would direct you to this site: . Hope this helps you.




Another hidden (from me) talent, Bravo Corky!

Thanks Dave

I was a Music nerd. Even though I started out in school band on Cornet, I had to teach myself how to play, became interested in arranging at 13, so I decided it was best to learn other instruments, which I did. Majored in Trumpet at College, became proficient in many others, including guitar, electric bass,viola, harmonica and keyboard. Played drums in touring bands after college. I was very OVER driven then. I still play sax, trumpet, bass, drums, harmonica, keyboard, and guitar regularly. That is why I gig all the time, even tho there are thousands of much better musicians in my area. Most bands consider me a utility musician, cause I can switch to whatever instrument is needed in a song, or need a sub for a night. I feel soooo used, lol. This is why I have gone through two divorces, and a line of other relationships. Ah Music… a blessing, yet a curse.

Sorry for the long narrative…apparently the over driven thing kicking in.




Isn’t there any VL modelling vst out there like Yamaha had do nice stuff!?

Thanks for your helpful direction…

Hey, thanks for joining our forum and leaving that spam! Next time I need a live sax I’ll e sure to ignore you and hire a local guy who needs a gig. Have a nice day!

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